5 Simple Ways To Health And Wellness Through Exercise

Many people bristle at the thought of a health regimen as a part of their everyday lives.  However, it is not as difficult to incorporate a wellness routine.  Eating right and finding the right support are important elements in staying healthy.  However, many people are put off by the idea of exercise.  What they may not realize is that a fitness regimen does not have to include strenuous exercises in order to be effective.


Taking a brisk walk is one of the simplest forms of exercise.  It can also be one of the most enjoyable.  Taking a walk for 30 minutes to an hour every day is a great form of low impact exercise that requires no equipment or special skills.  Some people take to carrying small weights to build strength in their arms, but this is completely optional.  Furthermore, a walk outside in nice weather can also be rather enjoyable.

Low Cardio Workouts

Many low cardio workouts can also be very beneficial.  Exercises like sit ups, pushups and pull ups can be easy for many.  Even jumping jacks or bending at the waist can be enjoyable.  As with any exercises, it is best to start with only a few rotations at a time.  For instance, five jumping jacks, pushups, pull ups and sit ups each may be enough for beginners, but these rotations can increase when it is easier to perform them.

Aerobics is also still a very good way to get a complete workout without overexerting the body. Also, aerobics tends to be rather pleasant for many people.  It is also a good way to begin a fitness regimen because anyone of any fitness level can perform aerobic exercises.  It also encourages routine, which some may need to help them get into a habit that they can keep up over time. 

New Age Fitness

While it may be easy to dismiss new age styles of fitness as fads, there are benefits for those who stay with a fitness regimen based in yoga or Pilates.  These styles are everywhere and anyone of any fitness level and age can learn them.  However, these forms of fitness do require an investment in some equipment and some people may even work with a professional trainer.

Still, some will find that there are benefits beyond physical fitness with programs like yoga and Pilates.  These exercises are designed to keep the body and mind centered.  This attention to the spirit as well as the body is very important in the overall wellness regimen, so those who are looking into a health regimen that works with the mind and the body may find that this is the way to go.

The Gym

Not everyone will want to go the gym in order to get healthy, but for some, the gym may be just the motivation to get with a fitness routine and stick to it.  Paying for a gym membership has the psychological advantage of motivating a person to try to get the best out of his or her money.  Furthermore, there may be pieces of equipment there that may not be available at home.

Another reason the gym may be a good motivator is because those who live in colder areas may want to find a comfortable place to work out when it is too cold to enjoy the outdoors.  Taking a walk on the treadmill or catching up on some reading or podcasts can be very soothing while taking a spin on a stationary bike.  Those who decide to get into strength training can also find the help they need at the gym.

The Home Gym

Of course, there are also those who prefer the privacy of their own homes and would like some good equipment to create their own gyms.  There are many different kinds of equipment available for those who want a home gym.  The most common items tend to be pieces like treadmills and elliptical machines.  These machines tend to be enough to allow a good, complete workout.

There are also other advantages to using elliptical machines, stationary bikes and treadmills at home: many of these pieces now have state of the art equipment including Internet capabilities, preset programs with popular workouts and even audio setups that allow users to listen to music or access Internet radio.  Some machines even have screens that allow users to watch DVDs or their favorite television shows while they work out.

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